Forsus Appliance

Forsus Appliance available at Ortho 360The Forsus appliance is an orthodontic device manufactured by 3M Unitek. It is used in conjunction with conventional braces in order to repair any abnormalities of the lower and upper jaw positions.
This appliance is a fixed device that improves the function of the upper and lower teeth simultaneously.  The Forsus appliance is used in patients who have Class II bite problems where the upper teeth are too far forward in respect to the lower teeth.

Forsus Appliance Procedure

The Forsus appliance consists of spring coil rods that are permanently affixed to the patient’s braces. On each side of the mouth, the metal bite spring is attached to the band on the first upper molar. It is then connected to the lower front arch wire. It works similarly to traditional orthodontic rubber bands, however, it does not need to be replaced by the patient.

The Forsus appliance is used to reposition the jaws in growing patients whose upper jaws and teeth protrude over the lower jaws and teeth. The appliance improves the alignment of the teeth, reduces overbites, and promotes proper jaw growth in adolescents.  The Forsus bite springs stay in place for six to nine months. The treatment time depends on the severity of the problem and the size of the patient’s jaw. The appliance needs occasional adjusting during the course of the treatment period. Adjustments are typically made every eight to ten weeks. For most patients, the springs do not affect eating or speaking after the initial adjustment following placement.

Forsus Appliance Advatages

There are numerous advantages to using a Forsus appliance over conventional class II bite correction methods. Forsus appliances can correct the bite problem faster than rubberbands for many patients and are more comfortable to wear than bulky headgear. Additionally, patients don’t need to remember to wear their headgear or rubberbands as the Forsus appliance is working all the time. The appliance may also help to prevent the need for expensive jaw surgery in the future.