Ortho 360: Austin’s Orthodontists

The orthodontists at Ortho 360 bring years of hands-on experience to our orthodontic clinic. These orthodontists pursue the highest standards of excellence in every smile we help to create. With three offices in Austin (Central Austin, Bastrop, and Avery Ranch), we serve all of Travis County, Williamson County and Bastrop County.

Visit our team today to learn about the orthodontic services we offer to help patients achieve the perfect smile. We serve both adults and children and strive everyday to be the best Austin orthodontist.

Orthodontic Braces

The need for braces does not discriminate in age, both children and adults need and seek out orthodontic services. Our orthodontists provide many orthodontic treatment options that range from metal, colored braces to clear and hidden braces such as Invisalign that help to improve your smile.


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Children’s Orthodontist

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child see an orthodontist by the age of 7, in order to plan the best treatment for them as they grow. At age 7, we can determine if there are any jaw growth disturbances and assess dental development. Often, early treatment is not necessary but by identifying future tooth and jaw problems, we are able to intervene if needed and plan for treatment at the most appropriate time for your child. Most of our patients receive orthodontic treatment in their early teen years. Each orthodontist at Ortho 360 has years of experience providing orthodontic services for both children and adults.

Adult Orthodontist

There are some cases in which an adult who had orthodontic treatment as a teenager, may require further correction as an adult. A common reason is teeth that have slowly shifted, typically due to failure to wear a retainer. More adults are finding that getting their teeth aligned is a great investment and helps perfect their smile.

Orthodontic tooth movement can be helpful throughout a person’s lifetime. There are many orthodontic services available that can vastly improve the appearance and functionality of adult teeth and jaws. Correctly aligned teeth are easier to clean which can improve your periodontal (gum) health, and a good bite can help to prevent abnormal tooth wear and improve the functioning of your mouth while chewing and speaking. It is never too late for a new smile! Let the best Austin orthodontist take care of you today, contact us to setup an appointment.