Design Your Smile

Ortho 360 Now Offers WildSmiles Braces®

New Treatment Option: Designer Braces for You

Wire braces aren’t so traditional anymore with WildSmiles. Customize your braces and make them about you! Show off your personality with WildSmiles, now available at Ortho 360.

Think about braces in a totally new way and choose a style that speaks to you. WildSmiles are specially designed brackets that come in a variety of fun shapes, including Stars, Hearts, Soccer balls, Footballs, Flowers, and Super-Diamonds®. Designed to make your orthodontic experience fun, WildSmiles are a unique alternative to conventional braces. Wire braces are just that — wire braces. WildSmiles takes your orthodontic care beyond simple brackets. Mix fun brackets with colored elastics for individuality. Ortho 360 and WildSmiles gives you a complete custom orthodontic experience.

How do WildSmiles Braces® Work?

WildSmiles work just like traditional braces. The brackets are bonded to the upper front four to six teeth and the wire is used to align teeth. WildSmiles products are made to the highest standard in strength and quality for a comfortable experience. WildSmiles are USA-made, low-profile stainless steel. They offer a more comfortable feel than clear ceramic braces.

Embrace Your Expression

Personalize your smile with WildSmiles’ easy tool and get your custom braces in no time!

  • Choose your smile style — Your braces, your choice! Pick your favorite shape for a look that best fits you.
  • Visit Ortho 360 for a braces consultation — WildSmiles are now available at Ortho 360. Schedule a consultation and asks us about designer braces.
  • Tell us which “Wild” shape you choose — Use this cool design tool to personalize your braces smile and let us know during your next visit what you want.

WildSmiles® is Trusted by Austin’s Ortho 360 Team

WildSmiles Braces has created beautiful smiles for over a decade with custom styles and quality materials. It’s a proven treatment option, and WildSmiles yields the same results as traditional braces — with style of course! These custom brackets deliver consistent and long term results patients deserve. Visit Ortho 360 and let us know if you are interested in crafting your beautiful smile with these custom options.