Before & After: Orthodontic Results by Ortho 360

If you would like to see the stupendous results of our orthodontic treatments at Ortho 360, feel free to view our before and after photos. Dr. Burgess and Dr. Henry are committed to providing you with the individualized treatment you need to reach a straighter, healthier smile. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more and to schedule a consultation with our orthodontists in Austin, Avery Ranch, and Bastrop, Texas. We are eager to improve your smile!



To improve this adult patient’s bite and smile, it was necessary to extract teeth but the result is improved aesthetics and function.


This patient required orthodontic alignment before his exsiting crownwork was replaced by his family dentist. The combination of treatments resulted in an improved smile and will increase the longevity of his dental work.


This patient wanted a better smile and the ability to bite with her front teeth. By carefully selecting specific back teeth to extract, she was treated successfully without orthognathic surgery. Total treatment time was approximately 24 months.


This patient was treated with a combination of orthodontics and orthognathic surgery.



This patient completed treatment in less than 12 months with braces


This patient was treated with an expander and traditional braces for 24 months


Patient received 18 months of braces treatment


This patient was treated in 18 months with a Carriere applaince and braces

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