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Complimentary in-office Orthodontic exam in Lakeway TX

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Did you ever wonder why your teeth feel loose when you smile? Or why the gaps between your teeth seem so big? These are signs that your teeth aren’t held firmly in place. Your teeth can shift out of position when you bite or chew, and this can lead to problems such as loosened fillings, broken teeth, or even shifting jaws. Metal braces can help to hold your teeth in place.

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How Does a Metal Brace Work?

Visit Ortho360 in Lakeway TX for metal braces. Metal braces are essentially a set of custom-fitted braces that help to keep your teeth in place by attaching to nearby teeth and holding them in place with brackets. Braces are usually made of metal because it’s stiff, strong, and holds its shape. The part that rests against your teeth is attached to brackets that are attached to wires that are attached to the main bracket on your teeth.

Why choose metal braces over other options?

If you have one or more of the following issues, metal braces may be right for you: Your teeth feel loose or tend to shift around when you bite or chew, loose fillings, missing teeth, a narrow or crowded mouth or a crooked or angled smile. These may be some of the reasons to visit Ortho360 in Lakeway TX.

Metal braces are a good option for people who want a straighter, more confident smile!