Invisalign Made for Teens in Austin

Teen braces made just for you. Ortho 360 will transform your smile with Invisalign Teen.
Opt for clear aligners and straighten your smile with no conflict to your everyday activities.
Eat and stay active without worries that come with traditional wire braces.

Invisalign Teen in Austin, TX – Clear Alternative to Braces

Invisalign Teen is a clear orthodontic aligner designed to gently move the patient’s teeth to achieve proper alignment. Invisalign Teen has many advantages over conventional braces, including avoiding troubles and discomfort associated with conventional wire braces: irritated lips, swollen gums, and wounded self-esteem. No longer are these issues a cause of concern with Invisalign Teen treatment from Ortho 360.

Invisalign Teen Technology

Invisalign Teen represents state-of-the-art orthodontic technology. Through computer assessment and monitoring, Invisalign treatment is closely analyzed to ensure the desired results. Austin Invisalign replaces traditional style wired braces with a set of clear aligners that fit snugly over the teeth. The aligners are changed every one to two weeks, thereby giving a nearly gradual and constant movement of the teeth. There are no metal brackets or wires, helping to greatly reduce gum and mouth irritation and swelling. Invisalign Teen treatment helps to avoid discomfort, while correcting your teen’s smile in the same amount of time.

Invisalign recommends that the aligners be removed during mealtime, avoiding any limitations in the foods you eat. Since you remove the aligners while eating, there is little risk of the device becoming damaged from hard, crunchy or sticky foods. This feature also allows for proper oral hygiene. No longer do metal brackets and wires cling to food and get in the way of cleaning. With no devices to get in your way, brushing and flossing is a breeze with Invisalign Teen. While the aligners are removable, to make the most of your treatment, it is recommended that you wear them for between 20-22 hours per day, taking them out only to eat and brush your teeth.

Difference Between Invisalign Teen & Invisalign

Invisalign Teen has two important distinctions from Invisalign. First, Invisalign Teen offers a blue indicator dot to gauge how long each aligner should be worn. When the dot changes from blue to clear, you will know that the aligner needs to be replaced. This takes the guesswork out of treatment and affords the patient fewer trips to the Ortho 360 office. Invisalign Teen also offers eruption tabs to accommodate the changing mouth of teens. Many times, the teeth of teens are still growing and changing on their own. Eruption tabs help allow for natural growth of molars and permanent teeth, as well as root-movement control.

Being a teenager is already difficult enough, with all of the stress that you feel over getting good grades, making friends, and generally trying to survive through your years of high school, college, and beyond. Adding something like wire braces into the equation can make you feel like you have even more on your plate, but if you’ve got dental alignment issues that need to be addressed, it’s always better to get them corrected now, before you’ve got a career or a family to worry about.

Fortunately, for those who want nice straight teeth, Invisalign is there to provide help. With these clear, comfortable plastic braces, you’ll be able to get the aligning power of braces without the visually embarrassing element of wire and metal that they can bring. Invisalign works through a system of trays, which are changed out every two weeks to provide continued improvement of your dental alignment. These trays can be removed before meals, before dates, or whenever you feel you have a special occasion where they might get in the way.

Invisalign also may get you results much faster than wire braces will. For some who choose Invisalign, it’s possible to see results in half the time than wire braces. That means that you may be able to get them in your freshman year of high school, and remove them before you become a junior. Imagine being able to have straight, beautiful teeth just in time for your graduation. That’s what Invisalign offers.

Simple Solutions, Amazing Results

There are a lot of problems with wire braces:

  • They stand out when you smile, talk, or eat.
  • Food can become caught in your braces, including sticky foods like candy.
  • Tightening and adjusting braces can be very uncomfortable.
  • They may impede your ability to talk clearly.

Do you really need the stress of worrying about whether or not food’s caught in your braces while you’re already dealing with everything high school has to throw at you? With Invisalign dental alignment trays, none of these problems will be an issue. You can eat, smile, and talk normally with Invisalign, thanks to the fact that they are a clear, solid tray that will not have spaces for food to enter. They are nearly invisible to the eye, which is why they are called Invisalign. They’re also ease to remove and replace; when you get a new tray every two weeks, all you need to do is pull off the old tray, and slide the new one on. It’s just that simple.

Invisalign braces are much easier to clean than wire braces. Because they can be removed whenever you want, they be easier to clean, and your teeth will be easier to clean as well. That means that you’ll be able to have nice, minty fresh breath without having to worry about onion pieces being caught in your braces. With Invisalign, you get all of the dental corrective power that you need, without all of the baggage that braces bring with them.

The Right Option for You

If you’re reading this, and you’re a teenager, then you’re probably already interested in Invisalign. Do your parents know about it? It might be time to have a discussion with them about your dental options, and to talk about how Invisalign might be the best way to give you the straight teeth that both you and they would love to see every time that you smile for a family photo.

If you’re a parent, and you’d like to know more about what Invisalign can do for your child, then it’s recommended that you call us to learn more. We can provide a lot of literature on Invisalign for you to read at home with your teenager, or provide a consultation for him or her in our offices in Austin, TX. We’ll also go over the cost of Invisalign, and explain our various payment options that can make getting straighter teeth both practical and affordable.

At Ortho360, we offer total family dentistry care, which can also include Invisalign for parents as well. Whether you’re interested in seeing straighter teeth for your child, or you’d like to know more about options that can help you to get that winning smile you’ve always wanted, we are here to provide a no-pressure consultation and options that can fit both your budget and your lifestyle. You don’t have to let the fear of wire braces hold you back from a straighter smile; wit

Austin Invisalign Teen Treatments with Ortho 360

Your adolescent will be thrilled with their treatment when you choose Invisalign Teen. The aligners are so clear, they’re practically invisible. They don’t interfere with speech patterns, the ability to play musical instruments or to use mouth guards for sports. For milestones such as senior pictures or a school dance, the aligner can simply be removed. With Invisalign Teen, there is practically no impact in your teen’s day to day life.

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