Many Adults with Alignment and Overcrowding Issues Can Benefit from Braces

For many years, braces have been thought of as an effective yet socially awkward method for improving a teenager’s smile. Today, more and more adults are starting to use braces to improve alignment and overcrowding issues with their own teeth. As the years go by, the natural processes of aging can alter the orientation and […]

A Hawley Retainer Is Often Called for After Braces Have Been Removed

Having your braces removed can be relieving. Especially now that you get to see your new winning smile without metal brackets and wires in the way. At the same time, you need to understand that there is still a little bit of tension lingering in your periodontal ligaments. If it’s not addressed by wearing a […]

Deciding if Braces Are Called for to Correct Your Child’s Teeth

The process of growing up comes with many physical changes to your son or daughter’s body. One of the most significant rites of passage involves shedding their 20 baby to make room in their growing jaw for the set of 32 permanent teeth. These permanent teeth will need to serve your child for the rest […]